So, let me tell you a little bit about the day when we wandered about in Norwich. In reality, I’m on a plane now but I figured I’d schedule this so you’d get something to read while I’m many many feet up in the air.

Well, our main, or perhaps starting goal, was to find the city centre or shopping districts to get a temporary new hand creme for me. My hands can’t survive the winter without it, and they were getting in a real bad shape since I had seemingly forgotten it at home.

We started walking downwards, and mostly looked around. We found the cathedral, a house with a bull in the midst which we found hilarious. Strolling down the lane we found this wonderful bridge with an amazing view over the houses.





I like the British architecture. It’s so… fairytale-ish. It doesn’t seem real, for some reason. I don’t know how to explain it, but walking around the neighborhoods was just surreal.

We found a store where we picked up on tissues and other things, a food store where we bought some vegetables and fruits before continuing our trip downwards. And much to my happiness, we found The Body Shop. Quick in, got my usual Moringa and then out again. Only to realize there was a town fair going on. We walked around in the tents for a while before we decided to go home again.

I wanna just tell you this. Once at home, while getting ready for the show, I decided to change my earrings. And what was the first thing that popped out when opening my jewelry box? My handcreme. Oh well.

// Sara

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