REVIEW: Stahlmann – CO2

German metallers Stahlmann has had quite an impressive career. Right after the release of their first EP, “Herzschlag” AFM Records signed them and in 2010, their self-titled debutalbum was released. They did numerous of tours following the release, and it was followed up with “Quecksilber”(2012) and “Adamant”(2013) which both made spot on the German Media Control Albums Charts.

With their robotic-like image, Stahlmann is once again back with their fourth album, “CO2” that is said to be similar to previous works, but will now show a more mature side of the band. With the addition of electrical and dubstep elements, they hope to reach a bigger crowd.

So, how about the album then?

How should I describe it. It’s very… dramatic. In a way. There’s a lot happening in each song. It can go from sort of aggressive to very calm in just one song, and they have a lot going on with the electrical parts. As far as arrangements goes, this is actually pretty impressive and keeps the listener interested.

However, there’s about where it stops. Because sadly, most of the songs sound the same. I barely notice when the song changes, aside a few exceptions such as “Die Klinge” and “Speigelbild”, which is a tad slower than the rest.

Towards the end it does get better.”Wenn Engel Tanzen” and “Der Letze Tag” are actually pretty decent songs, and it almost makes it worth listening through it. However. I have one big problem with this album, and it lies in all of the songs.

This is so influenced by Rammstein you can hear the hamster from Knappnytt singing “Du Hast” through it.

The first thoughts that went through my mind when I heard the music starting, was Rammstein. When Mart started singing, all I could think of was Till Lindemann. Both music and sound are so alike Rammstein that I’m not sure what to do with all of this. It’s decent material… but it’s too close for me to call it original, which makes it lose a bit of it’s credibility.

To sum it up; Decent material, but it’s not original enough. Sorry Stahlmann, unTill next time…

(Label: AFM Records)
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// Sara


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