Hardcore Superstar @ Putte i Parken, Karlstad, Sweden 4/7 – 15

Waking up fairly late after out late endeavors, we began the day with a bit of a roadtrip to IKEA, since apparently, the most absolute Swedish experience is to go to IKEA. Michelle was picking up a shelf as well, and me some fake flowers so I guess it was okay. Watching Nathan walking around IKEA in awe made it completely worth it, and we even end up having lunch in the food court, to make it ultra-Swedish, you know?

After we were done (it took some time!) we got home, had a glass of cold cola and then headed over to Mariebergsskogen to catch Hardcore Superstar live on the free-of-charge festival Putte i Parken. Despite us getting there only like 20 minutes before it started, we got really got spots behind our friends Linette and Angelina (haven’t met either of them in ages!) and a few minutes later Jennie, Jonny and Jimmie joined up as well.

On point, the guys walked on stage and started off the show with “Need No Company” and followed up strongly with “Last Forever” and “My Good Reputation”. Seriously, have I told you how much I love that song?


“Touch the Sky” was fired off before it was time for our personal big moment of the day, “Last Call for Alcohol”. While the song is awesome, what has made it “our” moment is probably when we invented the idea of dancing Jenka to the song, and we’ve tried to do so on almost every HCSS show we’ve ever been to. We decided against it this time though, it wasn’t any pressure or such, but we didn’t really… feel any vibe? It’s always more fun if people join in, you know.

But aside that, the band absolutely killed it and have done so far. “Cry Your Eyes Out” and “Someone Special” came after this followed by “Wild Boys” and “Liberation”.

Oh. You wanna know something? All throughout the show, this little boy, maybe five-six years old? He kept coming back and forth during the show and every time I saw him I made either Jennie or Nathan move the front row spots in order to allow him to see better. The second or third time I did this, he turned around and hugged me! PRECIOUS! I told him that of course should he be up front! and he was so happy.

About the band, I’m not really sure what to say about them. I mean, most people reading my blog has seen then, and if they haven’t… It’s a shame. Jocke Berg is really in the league of good frontmen, you know, the league of Corey Taylor and Erik Grönwall. If it’s anyone who knows how to get a crowd going, it’s him. This band is so ridiculously good live that even if you tried to find something bad, you can’t.


“Don’t Mean Shit” was next song, and they wrapped up the set with the lovely “Run to your Mama”. I love that they have included this song in the setlist. I absolutely love it.

They left the stage and of course returned, and for a split moment it felt like they were gonna do “We Don’t Need a Cure”, a song I never understood why they never did live, but started off with “Moonshine”. Not that I actually mind, “Moonshine” is fucking fantastic.

“We Don’t Celebrate Sundays” and “Above The Law” wrapped up the entire set of this show for the day.

It was a good show. As good as it can get, so thank you, Hardcore Superstar for this show, and thank you for giving Nathan a good first memory of you. This was his first show, or actually, he was barely aware of HCSS prior to this, and now they got themselves a couple of new fans. (Him and Jennie)

After this, we headed home bouncing down the streets singing “Moonshine” and I got ready for work.

Thanks for this awesome day, people!

// Sara

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