Alice Cooper @ Gröna Lund, Stockholm, Sweden 3/7 – 15

So, around ten this morning we started our outbound journey to Stockholm and Gröna Lund to once again see God himself on stage, and for Nathan to see Alice Cooper and Glen Sobel, his drumhero.

After having lunch at Subway we headed over to Gröna Lund and began with showing Nathan the stage to really get it through his head – we were seeing Alice Cooper, and he couldn’t believe his eyes. We grabbed an ice cream each, and while doing so, we decided that we should first of all, probably buy the posters right away so we didn’t need to bother worry with that, and second of all… we are at an amusement park. That has a funhouse… I’m not going to Boda Borg until Friday so….

Of course, we had a go at it. I was really worried about the steps up front, because last time I did them, I failed miserably, but on the same time… These are the kind of things I push myself to do, so following two steps behind Nathan, I took the steps. It was almost a disaster, seeing Nathan almost fell onto me and I had to tell Michelle to stay back in order not to cause a domino effect, but eventually we got up with a heartrate WAY too fast. After this, it was all fun and games with spinning rooms and wheels and uneven floors. I love these kind of houses.


After a round in the funhouse we picked up popcorn and crisps in order to get some salt in this heat, and sat and just chatted before the big event of the night was about to happen. After this, we headed to the stage and got decent spot in the back of the… well, place before the stage.

Right on time, 20.00, he entered the stage with “Hello Hooray”, to my big surprise! I admit, I was expecting it to be the same show as he had on Graspop, but oy vey did he surprise me! And to make it even better, he followed suit with one of my personal favorites – “House of Fire”. Yeah, this was gonna be a good night.


He followed suit with “No More Mr Nice Guy” and “Under My Wheels” before it was time for the, a bit cheeky, “I’ll Bite Your Face Off”.

This was followed by “Billion Dollar Babies” with the money as usual, “Lost In America”, “Hey Stoopid”, “Dirty Diamonds” with the necklaces… and finally it was time for probably one of my favorite moments on Alice Cooper shows, especially nowadays.

“Welcome To My Nightmare”


HE EVEN BROUGHT HIS SNAKE. Really, like I said on Graspop, the only thing I’m missing right now is the bloody dancers. And it will be perfect. But you know, this will really do!

This was followed by “Go to Hell” before the next surprise was put out… and seriously…

“He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask)”.

Like, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS SONG. And hearing it live, everytime, it… I can’t even describe it to you? He, as well as Lordi, brought Jason and everything. Of course, the badass chick beat Jason down and started hunting Alice’s band instead.

Right after this was done, Alice put on a policehat, and even though my gut and heart told me “this is it! This is Wicked Young Man! It’s back!” I didn’t dare to hope too much… but then he started marching in pace with a very, VERY familiar guitar riff.

It’s back. My favorite Alice Cooper song, “Wicked Young Man” is fucking back people. Oh god, how do I even explain the big deal this is to you?! Ahh.

Right after this, it was time for another top moment of the show – “Feed My Frankenstein”.


I always love the theatrical numbers a little more than the non-theatrical. It adds to it, you know?

“Ballad of Dwight Fry” followed with the creepy nurse pulling her shit on him, forcing them to have their occasional dance that ends in nothing but pain, but what can you do?


Of course, the mandatory cutting-the-head off followed as well as “I Love The Dead” with the crewmember running around with Alice Coopers head.

After this, they pulled Alice out on a hospital bed, covered with a sheet, and when the nurse was about to check underneath, Alice rose up and a voice, presumably “God” was talking to him about how he had cheated death again, and it made me remember Sweden Rock. It was the medley.


And I was right. Out came the tombstones for Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix and Keith Moon and Alice pulled off the covers and tributes to the late musicians. It’s something very special seeing an icon like Alice doing this. Paying tribute to other successful and famous musicians. I don’t know how to put it to words, it’s just… very dear to me you know?


The covers included songs as “Break On Through (To the other side)”, “Revolution”, “Foxy Lady” and “My Generation”.

The medley was followed by the classic “I’m Eighteen” before wrapping it up with “Poison”.

Before we knew it, the band came back, the bubbles started and the schoolbells were ringing.

“Schools Out”.

What a party that song is. It’s the perfect wrap up, especially with the adding of “Another Brick in The Wall”, and the baloons and all the confetti and what not. It’s really the perfect ending, of a perfect night.


Seriously, Thank you. ALL OF YOU. Nita, Ryan, Alleysan, Glen, Tommy and Chuck. You are the bomb, all of you. Queen and kings of the world. I love you all.

After this, we tried to leave the park, but to our dismay some stupid idiot had put their key in OUR locker and therefore, it screwed with our chances of getting our stuff out, Gladly, the staff helped us out fairly quickly and we could get going. Quick visit to McDonalds and then running off to Cityterminalen and catching our bus home.

It was our first time trying out a new bus service… AND THE BUSES. So much legspace, so comfortable leatherseats, I didn’t even know what to say or do? Two electricity sources, it was like… I love Swebus, but Nettbuss… I felt like a princess! Oh my god.

Thank you all, Michelle, Nathan, Robert, Gröna Lund, Alice Cooper + band for this amazing evening. I love you all.

// Sara



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