REVIEW: Borealis – Purgatory

Canadian metallers Borealis are returning to the scene with their 3rd album, following the smaller success of their two previous albums, “World of Silence” which was released in 2008, and “Fall From Grace” which came in 2011. “Purgatory” was recorded in the Sanctuary studios, and the recordings and mixing was done by drummer Sean Dowel, and mastered by Thomas “Plec” Johansson.

The album opens up with someone running, assumingly in the hosptial judging on the heart monitor in the background and eventually, when the heart stops beating, it launches us right into the heavy truck that is Borealis, and that track is “Past the Veil”.

And this song kind of sets the mood for the whole album. It’s heavy tunes with fast-beating drums, yet sensitive lyrics that hits hard at home. Despite them taking a step a bit further from their previous albums, it’s still the same Borealis that we already knew of.

However, what it lacks, to me, is variation. We got to ballads on the album, aside that, most of the songs sound very alike, and so do the ballads. Some songs had it’s moments – like the keyboard part in “The Chose Ones” and the trippy guitars in “Destiny” which also held some epicness…. but aside this. It was almost like it was one long song, which necessarily has to be something bad but…

There were a few songs who stood out for me – “Past The Veil”, “My Peace”, mostly because of the child reading the note in the middle of the song, and my personal favorite on the album, “From The Ashes”. I have no idea who the woman singing is, but I absolutely loved the way the song was built up, as a duet which added so much to the lyrics and the song, ultimately making it my favorite song. I have a weak spot for arrangements, and this was perfect.

So, wrapping it all up, a few decent song, but it’s a bit plain for me. But on the other hand, you have to put one foot in front of the other, and see a lot of potential here.

(Label: AFM Records)

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// Sara

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