All The Things She Said

Currently sitting at Jennie’s with her and Martina starting our The Sims gaming weekend. Martina is playing The Sims 3 and me and Jennie are playing The Sims 4. It’s been some time since I last visited Anna Arendelle, and just as always, it takes some time before you get into it again and remember what you had in mind to accomplish.

But, so far, I’ve managed to finish off her ambitions and started a new one which is a continue-ing on the previous one (which was money) and are now focused on making her property expensive as hell, and she already has a lot worth 50 000 §, so it goes pretty quickly!

I have planned to change her career, but I was never sure when to do so, but I have now decided to keep on working and raising money (currently on 182 339§) until at least 250 000 § , and also finish off the rocket scientist skill and see if I can explore more in space before I make any radical decisions on changing careers. It feels good to have a goal.

But, until then, I have to keep freezing sims with her freeze-ray and commanding them to eat…

// Sara

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