Sul Sul

So, like I said previously, this weekend has been spent doing nothing but to play The Sims together with Martina and Jennie. I thought I’d dedicate this entry to let you all know what has happened to Anna since last.

Well, to begin with, not a lot. I have yet to change her career, like I wrote in the last entry, but now I’m starting to get there. The thing is, I wanted her to keep her well-paying job once she moved, to secure her being able to pay the bills. With that said… Yes! She has finally moved!

Once I had made the 250 000 § I craved, I moved her to an empty lot and started building her house. I got bored rather quickly, mostly because I always end up buying too big lots for the houses I intent to build. I’m gonna take a few days off and then continue to build her house. I did realize a little later that it could be a good thing to have a big lot, as I intend for her to have rocket ships and so.

I’ve built half her house, and it’s half decorated, and I’ve gotten just under 200 000 §, so we’ll have to see how much will be left once I’m done decorating. I kinda want the stuff packages before I continue, so I don’t have to re-decorate the whole shit all over again when I see the new stuff, but what do you do?

Once I’m done with the house and see how much money I have to spare and how much the house costs to maintain, I intend to change her career as soon as she was mastered the Rocketscience skill. I have thought about buying her a ship to have at home to work on at the same time she pursues another career, but I decided against it and figured it’d be better she just focus on the career.

Maybe, maybe I can make Anna that super-sim I thought about making Rose before I gave her a husband and a child? (Aside Cullens, I hate playing with multiple sims)


I will keep you updated, be so sure.

// Sara

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