New video from the Butcher Babies

Alrighty all people. It’s been a mighty week since I saw the fine ladies live at Graspop Metal Meeting after about eight months of waiting, and fittingly enough, today is the day they finally released the video of their new song “Monsters Ball” off their upcoming album “Take it like a Man” (set to release in August).

This song was absolute KILLER at Gpop, which made me pretty excited to see the video. And it’s finally here! Any opinions?

In all honesty, this song is a lot heavier than their previous material which makes me a little bit concerned in all honesty. I always liked how they combined melody with heavier elements, and they are starting to lose it, or at least with this song.

On the other hand, this song is like “Custer”. Kills the pit. Split split. Excited for the album, though!

// Sara

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