Rise Like A Phoenix

So basically, the last few days has held me absorbed playing The Sims 4. Really, like said so many times before, you can’t just play The Sims for an hour and then leave, you either play it 24/7 (basically) for a week, and then you don’t touch it for a month.

However, this fucking happened. THIS FUCKING SHIT.

Alright, so I was going strong with Anna, and we had reached level 9 in the Scientist career, just one day away from becoming level 10 and finishing the whole career. I had made up to 50 000 § and you know, things were going good. Started doing some gardening, started making sales in cloned serums…

And then it happened. What may NEVER EVER HAPPEN.

The game crashed.

It just shut off. And I paniced, and hoped and prayed that maybe I saved somewhere half way, because you know, I had turned off the game during the day.

But.. nope. I came back to her being a level 6 researcher, with only 9000§.

It’s at those moment you normally give up playing for a good while. But not this time. I won’t. I’m gonna start all over again, but start gardening and cloning a little earlier. But damn. All that work… lost…


// Sara

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