F- Band that you like that a lot of people don’t


Do I even need to write out the name of the band? Really?

Well, Obviously – Lordi.

Their career peaked around Eurovisiontimes, but has since then peaked right down. They are still going strong, smaller venues than before but still headlining. Those of you who’ve followed me for some years, knows without a doubt that this is not just a band to me, it’s my life, basically.

Thanks to this amazing bands I have met all of the most amazing people in my life. And even if I don’t know you through Lordi – we still probably know each other thanks to Lordi. Hadn’t Lordi entered my life, I wouldn’t be a metalhead. Hadn’t I been a metalhead I wouldn’t have started musicjournalism. I wouldn’t have started at Ingesunds College of Music. A lot of things that has happened in my life has directly been change, because of these monsters.

I can’t sit here and say that you all suck and that Lordi is the best thing ever and that everyone should listen to them. I do think they are a bit underrated – mostly because people makes it all about Eurovision and won’t even care about listening to gems as “Deadache” or “Scare Force One” or “The Children of the Night”. I had a guy I was interested in back in the days, who literally had only heard the big four – “Hard Rock Hallelujah”, “Devil is a Loser”, “Blood Red Sandman” and “Would You Love a Monsterman” and tried to tell me they were the most overrated band ever.

Like dude. Seriously.

So yes. Lordi. To me, the best thing ever. Thanks to Lordi I’ve seen places I never thought I would, like, all the countries and cities I’ve traveled to to see them and all… God, I practically owe my life to them. I love you Monstars, always and forever.


// Sara


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