So basically, for this day, aside some cleaning up and planning and shit, I spent most day to recover Anna back to what she once was.

It took a couple of hours, but she’s finally a level 10. And with that, also came the expedition to Sixam. And holy shit… SIXAM! Have you guys been there? It’s like this whole new world. I spent so many (sims)hours just walking around and looking for things and… I barely wanted to go home you know. And the day after I was sent back for a party at the place, and holy shit. I’m so glad I chose this career for her.


I love this place. The nature, the graphics the… oh my god. It actually feels a bit sad I’m gonna change her career soon enough. Don’t. Want. To.

But I have to, so it might as well be today…


I’m seriously starting to think Get To Work could be my favorite expansion. Please, remind me to get back to you on that one in couple of years or so.

// Sara

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