E- Band that you don’t like that a lot of people do

The worst part about getting these kind of questions, is the fact that you have to single out a band you currently don’t listen to, and like I stated a few days ago – had you asked me only two years ago if I would be into SlipKnot, I would have laughed and asked if you were crazy.

So it feels weird to single out a band and be like “I don’t like that” because one day I may.

But if we talk only about the present and what I feel at the moment, those kind of bands would probably be like Metallica and Ghost. I can’t say either of those bands are BAD, I’ve just never gotten into them. I don’t really know why, it’s just, haven’t clicked, I guess.

So yeah. Ghost and Metallica, there you have it. By these criteria I could make this list very very long, and could probably list every single black metal band and so on, but it feels a bit easy, don’t you think?

// Sara

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