Seriously, this day has been so long. But it has also rushed past me. Like I told you, if I ever did, I’m getting sick again. And this time it’s a “bad” one, so to put it. My skin is starting to hurt and all that crap, which feels AWESOME since I had planned to finally be back to school this week, but I guess not. When working at the nightclub, I managed to smash right into a wall, so I have a nice bump and a cute bruise on my forehead, and whenever I move my face my head hurts. Unlucky me, right?

On top of this, there are still a million things to do. In preparations. I had planned this night to write lists, and then go to bed earlier because of my lack of sleep due to the combination, but of course this failed. Instead I’m sitting here trying to sing Britney Spears songs, but all I sound like is a dying duck.

But I had a good time at the stables, at least. It hasn’t been since the days with Emelie that I laughed so much while working, and even so, the biggest mystery is how Cobweb didn’t get out of his blanket once, but TWICE without breaking it. It should be physically impossible, but he managed somehow. Deloy also took of his blanket. Is this a sign spring is coming? When the horses starts saying “TAKE IT OFF!!”. Ah, who knows?

I need to go to bed, or should have done so four hours ago. I’m up because I can’t decide if I should do S or M on a dress. Normally I’d do M, but, probably due to stress, I’ve lost A LOT of weight and M clothes are starting to be too big. Not sure how I feel about it, since it means my body is trying to tell me something, but what do you do?

So the question is still the same. S or M?


// Sara

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