The Spain preparations continue on as if there was no tomorrow! I’m starting to feel a bit stressed over it, despite it being a little over a week left before we leave. I’m not sure why, though.

Maybe because I work night both Friday and Saturday this week + stable work on Sunday. I always get a fever after working in the stable because of not enough sleep and the hay (apparently I’m sensitive to it). And not only that, but this means ALL of Sunday goes away – I’m usually TOO wiped out to do anything but to DIE when I come home from the stables. Maybe it is because Michelle still doesn’t have any luggage on her airplane ticket.

And then I have school on Monday. Which means I leave home at 10ish, and would NORMALLY come home around 18/19, but since I’ll stick around by Michelle’s for some preparations I’ll be home by 21 – 22 instead. And then on Wednesday I go to school again 10 – 18/19, and then I work night Thursday-Saturday. And did I hear something about an exam on Friday? I stop work 01.30 night to Sunday, and the train leaves at 7 for Belgium. This will be fun.

And on top of this, we need to finish our shit before we go, which will be on Tuesday. We decided to do it already on Tuesday to give us a few days to fix in case we forgot or mess up something. Imagine doing all the last things on Saturday… Ooops.

I’ve challenged myself as well as Michelle to finish packing already during the week, preferably already before Friday. To avoid drama. Because there is always drama, because of my little pre-concert depression. It’s so odd, why do I even get a PRE concert depression? Maybe it’s because time. Time moves too fast. Uh, I don’t know.

At least I picked up a new suitcase today. It’s epic. Literally, it’s from the brand Epic. But it IS epic too.

Bild 2015-03-06 kl. 18.14

I love it. And the interior of the case WILL make it a lot easier while away. Ohh I can’t wait.

// Sara

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