When All Lights Fail

I have pondered for a few hours what to blog about, as most of my day has been consumed by school assignments I really don’t know what to write about. So I thought I’d give you a little share of some of my favorite songs,  Alright? Alright.

So, I will put these songs up in no particular order, just as I come to think of them.

First of all, “Don’t Be Afraid of Your Dreams” by Go West. I’ve already written about this before I believe, in the 30 Days song challenge. I consider this my all time favorite song. Mostly because it’s pretty perfect as it is, but on the same time, it inspires me. And I discovered this song at a time when I needed it the most, and despite being the soundtrack for a slasher movie, it just… means so much to me. The music makes me happy because it’s that PERFECT 80’s kind of pop that you can’t even replicate these days, that just pumps me, those beats hello? The keys?

But on top of that… the lyrics. THEY inspire me. THEY make me strong, helps me let go of some of my anxieties as it goes and… yeah I don’t know what else I can say about this song. It’s just amazing. And important. So important.

Next song is “Intuition” by TNT. I’m sort of starting to notice a pattern here – both songs are about not being afraid to do what you want and keep fighting for what you want. And this is basically what my life is about, so no wonder really. But aside that, this is probably, to me, the most ultimate 80’s rock anthem. I don’t think TNT ever really got the success they truly deserve, which breaks my heart. The melody-line in this one just… It just puts me in a happy place. This is the kind of song I put on when I’m really down, or need to make a decision. Hearing Tony Harnell going “One decision” in my ear kind of you know… sets me off. To achieve things.


Can’t make an entry like this and not include Lordi now, can I? “Deadache” by Lordi. This is also a song I can relate to so much, since I also keep the skin of my mothers face… no just joking. “And loneliness – it makes nights endless” has sort of become my tagline in everything and anything. I should probably have it written on a vest if I ever get one. This is an easy-peasy song, 80’s kind of vibe to it (do you sense a pattern here?) but it’s the chorus – the “big” chorus, especially the last one with the pitch change that just… How do you even describe the feeling, you know that one where it feels like your whole inside is about to jump out because you are so excited and happy? That’s what “Deadache” do to me.

Days Gone By” by Slaughter. Ahh Slaughter… how much don’t I love this band. I usually consider it my number one band, but on the later years they have fallen down to third place as I started to judge bands a little more on how much I can “interact” with them – like, how close they are and such. Lordi gets closer because I have more memories with them. And so on. I waited up until 2012 before I managed to catch the lovey-doveys live, and it was one of the best days of my life. I couldn’t even BELIEVE it. Slaughter. In Sweden? Like really?

Anyway. “Days Gone By”…. first of all, this song is so beautiful. The melody line, the simpleness of it leaving Mark and his amazing voice to do the work just ahhh. And the song…  well. Sometimes it feels like I have lost a lot, friends, and what not, because of time slipping out of my hands. I especially think about one person, I’m not going to mention her on here though. So yeah.


Last song I’ll bring up for this time is “All About Us” by t.A.T.u. So, all of you who were surprised – raise your hands. Interesting fact, this, still to this day, marks my MOST PLAYED SONG of ALL TIMES. This was before LastFM days though, so no technical record of it, but I remember it having 888 plays on my iTunes before the computer died. And no other song has reached that far since.  t.A.T.u and I go waaay back, many, many years. They are one of my favorite duos (alongside Go West and Lili & Susie) and particularly this song.

I remember the video terrified me like hell when I was younger, when it was new, and I saw it. But what I love so much about it, is the friendship. The fucking strength of friendship. They are fighting, but despite that Jelena turns around to come get Julia after the dude is doing major shit business. That, is friendship that doesn’t die. And those are the kind of friendships I strive to have, and well, I do have them with a close amounts of friends, for example, Jennie whom I’ve had ENDLESS of fights with, someone I’ve stopped talking to for YEARS and yet we always found our way back to each other. Because it’s all about us.


Wow. So this turned out to become a lot more personal and emotional than I had actually planned this blog entry to be, but I guess it just allowed you all to get to know me a little more and my priorities in life. You should always pay attention to what songs people like the most – they can tell you so much more about the person than you ever knew.

// Sara

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