We search the seas for the silver and gold…

Whoo people! For the first time in forever, or more like, since July, we went reality questing again. This time around, they had closed the quest that was unconquerable for us, and there was quite few new quests, so we were excited as can be!

We started off the whole day by nailing Bootcamp within the first five minutes! The day looked promising. We immediately did Tivoli after, since we kinda…. hate it. After that we went back and forth on the old quests and we managed to get done about 15 quests in the first four hours!

But, most importantly, we finally got to try out TimeHunt, one of the newer quests. It was… exhausting, but hella fun! First room was fairly simple, but the second room, where you are supposed to spin the wheels…. JESUS CHRIST. I have all the respect to DJ’s from now on…

The ballroom was fun though. Not only did we look and finish the task, but we also played around a bit, like, burying Emelie deep under the balls. Because, seriously, how often to do you get to play around with giant balls?


We also got to try out “The Castle”. And you know what. I LOVE THE QUEST. Sadly, this quest became the one who defeated us. The last room… JESUS CHRIST, how did they even! It’s amazing. I love the scenario, and you felt kinda royal doing the whole thing. I look forward to conquer it the next time, but considering that we got through it almost immediately up to the last room without any problems kinda shows how badass we are, since one of the tasks was to climb an inverted staircase…


But you know. In the end, we managed to complete 23 out of 24 quests, and I think that’s actually pretty amazing. Had we had the arm strength we needed, we would have gotten The Castle too, but you know – there’s always a next time!

DSC_1840 DSC_1837  DSC_1842


AND, on top of everything: Team Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious was NUMBER ONE UNDEFEATED the entire day! WOHO!


// Sara

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