Currently listening to the new U.D.O album as I try to calm down after a “long” day with getting quite a few things done. Job applications, school assignments and meetings in the stable. I’m finally out of my illness, so it’s back to life now I guess.

With back to life, I kinda mean 2% schoolwork, 2% work 2% horses and 94% planning concerts and travels. This is actually one of my favorite parts about traveling for shows – the planning part. When you are looking up airplanes, hotels, trains, buses, tour dates to find the most suitable ones, and when everything is a perfect match… there’s no better feeling than that. When everything just falls into place.

And then the booking process starts and once you’re done with that, all the small planning begins. How much luggage are we going to bring, what are we going to wear (stop metal heads. It’s absolutely okay to plan this ahead if you are interested in it) plan out the schedule of the day – where will we eat, who gets what, how long will we queue, are we going to try to meet the bands or what are the plan?

The “pre-production” of traveling for shows seems to be a bit underrated in my opinion, or maybe it’s just me who loves it, but it’s the anticipation you know? When you have all your flight tickets and concert tickets and what not and then you just know that soon, SOOON. Soon we will have the best time of our lives.

lol 012

savonn 004tickets

// Sara

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