She’s a Demon

Today I wrapped up the very very last assignment for this semester before christmas break, and I feel soooo happy about it. Finally I can focus on other things, like, panicking over random things.

She’s A Demon” must really be one of the better songs off “Scare Force One”. Like, as most of you know, the album is close to my favorite album off them (I don’t really dare yet to say it’s better than Deadache, I need a bit more time before I can say that) so it’s not very surprising that I’d like most tracks off this album – with that said, it’s really only “The United Rocking Dead” I don’t fancy so much – but hey – there’s a song I dislike on every Lordi album (at least one) so this isn’t weird.

But “She’s a Demon” literally just came on my shuffle on my ipod and I’m just sitting here trying to sing along as good as I can with my mediocre voice, but seriously, the melody in the prechorus? Can we just?

“Dear Mother, this may be goodbye”… Ahhh. I could practically listen to that part over and over again. I seem to have a thing for pre-choruses. Ahh the lyrics makes me shiver a bit. Ahh.  It makes me think of an old Lordi song, but I can’t seem to remember which one. Perhaps it’s “Devil is Hiding Behind Her Smile”, but I won’t promise. But you know – the full song is just… Aside “Scare Force” itself, I believe this is one of the tracks that I could listen to on repeat without getting tired of it. I hope they play it live for Tour Force One.

// Sara

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