GF Challenge Day 3: Favorite Creature / Monster

Initially, I thought of Bill Cipher, but I sort of realized he may not count. I don’t know really – I cound him more as a character than a monster, so I don’t know. So okay – I’ll mention Bill Cipher here, as an honorable mention, and instead say


The Manotaurs.
“Half man – Half taur”

These are spotted in “Manliness vs Dipper” and they are determined to make Dipper a man. They name him “The Destroyer” and they pull him through all sorts of tests in order to be a man – such as sticking his hand down a hole and getting a beer-stomach. The last task he’s given by the leader is the kill the Multibear, which he decides against and with that learning from Grunkle Stan that what really makes a man is to stand up for himself and what he believes in.

These creatures always makes me laugh for some reason. Maybe it’s because I can hear the voice of the first one going “Destroyeeeer” when Dipper goes up against the leader and also the fact that all of these manotaurs are basically within the male stereotype, love how Hirsch is mocking with the whole concept of this. But yes. The Manotaurs. Best creatures.

// Sara


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