Olly Murs – Never Been Better

Today is the day people! Olly Murs third album is finally hitting the shelves, and I’ve finally got it here! Ok, technically it came yesterday, but I had some other things to talk about. What am I even going to say guys, I’ve waited for this album so long I mean, sure, it wasn’t longer than I waited for the stupid fanbox, but long enough since I pre-ordered it… a while ago.

mursan 017

First of all, the cover of the album is similar to Sabaton’s most recent albums. A book. I was quite surprised to find that he’d make a book, but you know, why not!

Well, what can I say about the album? It’s very Olly. A good mixture of both previous albums elevated to the next level, essentially. Tons of feel good songs such as “Did you Miss me?”, “Up” and the single “Wrapped Up”, the more big epic love song such as “Beautiful To Me”, the more serene slower songs such as “Nothing without You”. Light, cheerful melodies cut off with some deeper and slower ones. The songs are well arranged and the writing is just perfect. This is pretty much everything I’d ever expect in an Olly record.

God, I love this album. But then again, I love all of Olly’s albums, interestingly enough. This will be blasted  A LOT here at home. This was well worth the wait.

// Sara

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