Doof 101


Okay, so for the first time in forever I watched Disney Channel, and a new Phineas&Ferb episode! Main reason I haven’t watched it in a while is because our cable screws up CONSTANTLY leaving it no point to even try, since it’s mostly out of signal. But the problem has finally been resolved! The episode that was aired this morning was “Doof 101“.

Much to my happiness, it was a Vanessa based episode (all of you people should know by now that Vanessa is my favorite character) and the episode was about the first day of school for the autumn. Dr D had gotten convicted in court and decided to do some society duty and thus became Vanessa’s new teacher in science class, much to her dismay. While trying to explain about DNA’s to the rest of the class, he managed to turn her exboyrfriend Johnny into a dinosaur/gorilla/human morph.

Johnny took of with Vanessa – much the way Quasimodo did with Esmeralda in the Hunchback of Notre Dame, climbed up a belltower until Doof managed to get the anti-poison to Vanessa and she fixed the whole thing. The sidestory to this was about three insects trying to get to know the humans, but they eventually got crushed by Dr D. Phineas&Ferb themselves only appeard 2-3 seconds for the whole episode.

First of all, I was surprised to see so little involvement by Phineas and Ferb themselves, althought I absolutely loved the Vanessa special. However, I must admit it felt weird. I didn’t even know what it was that felt weird until Doofenshmirtz said the very last line of the episode:

Don’t worry Vanessa – it’s 261 days until summer“.

DAMN. This was an episode based in school. But P&F is a series based in summer. JESUS CHRIST I got so mindfucked! I thought it felt weird when I saw “Danville High School” but I didn’t even think about it until Doof said that one line. Damn, I’m telling you. That was weird.

But in a way it’s fun, since a lot of people have asked Marsh and Povenmire to make an episode featuring them in school. And there it was.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed this episode a lot, but I don’t think it’s the best ever.


// Sara


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