Day 29 – A song from your childhood

Well this one was easy! Not only is this a song from my childhood, but it’s also my favorite song from my childhood.

A La La La Long” by swedish musician/cookiemonster Papa Rooster. I’m gonna tell you, I had no idea when I was little that he was a giant cookiemonster, but it does make sense. I started at this, and later end up on Lordi! It starts early, you know.

What I love about the song is the beat. It’s a catchy song with lyrics that sticks to you, pretty typical early 2000’s (somewhat 90’s) popmusic, and believe it or not, I still think that 90’s pop is one of the best things out there. Of course, nothing beats the 80’s in anything, the pop in the 90’s were good.

Anyway, this song was played A LOT at home when I was young, and I remember how we’d even make up stupid danceroutines to the song as well, haha. Still to this day I do actually listen to it, or well, ALL my “Absolute Kidz” records, since the once that I have really have some good material on them. So there you have it people, this is my chilldhood served on a plate.

// Sara

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