Getter Jaani – Rockerfeller Street

Alright, so here’s something different for you.

As some of you may know, my heart doesn’t belong fully to metal. There’s also a big part of it what belongs to popmusic, amongst other things, and one of these artists are Getter Jaani. Getter Jaani is an estonian singer who’s probably most famous for her appearance in Eurovision Song Contest 2011 with her song “Rockerfeller Street” which she got a well-deserved place with.

Anyway, after her mesmerizing appearance on the show I asked my estonian friend Argo to pick up her album for me, which he did in a heartbeat. He’s amazing that way. He also included an autograph by her. Thanks Argo, truly! And the album? Pure estonian bliss.


So, the album is called “Rockerfeller Street” and is filled with twelwe tracks perfect dancemusic. It opens up with her big ESC hit “Rockerfeller Street” and just continues down the block with cheerful tones and nice beats, except from the one slow and sweet moment in the middle. Pretty much everything I’d ask of a dancerecord. All songs but three (“Rockerfeller Street”x2 and “Robot”) are also sung in estonian, which adds an amazing charm to it. I have difficulties choosing ONE favorite, I’m stuck between “Grammofon” and “Teater”.

This is one of the few records, alongside Olly Murs’ “Right Place, Right Time” that I’ve found myself returning to more often than not, much to my own surprise. So, if there is anyone out there who reads this that do like some quality dance music, check out Getter Jaani! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Amazon |  Spotify

// Sara


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