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Day 30 – A song that makes you want to help the world, help the environment, end poverty, help society…

Posted in 30 Day Song Challenge, Uncategorized on November 18, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

I must admit I found the question a little off in a sheet like this, but then again, why not? This might make me sound like a horrible person, but to be honest I have never really thought about this until this question here was brought up on me.

And in all honesty, I don’t think I have that song, but when thinking a bit, the only song I can come to think of is this one:

If we all gave a little” by swiss supergroup Six4One, even including Andreas Lundstedt from Sweden. This was Switzerlands entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2006 (won by you know who) and happesn to be composed by the one and only master, Mr Grand Prix himself, the God, Ralph Siegel.

I think a lot of you people know already what a sucker I am for Ralph Siegel, and if you don’t, well now you know. Another famous compositions he’s done is “Dschinghis Khan” and “Ein bißchen Frieden“. Yeah, I figured.

But yes. This song is probably the closest I can come to a song that would inspire me, even if it is just a little.

// Sara

Day 29 – A song from your childhood

Posted in 30 Day Song Challenge, Uncategorized on November 14, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

Well this one was easy! Not only is this a song from my childhood, but it’s also my favorite song from my childhood.

A La La La Long” by swedish musician/cookiemonster Papa Rooster. I’m gonna tell you, I had no idea when I was little that he was a giant cookiemonster, but it does make sense. I started at this, and later end up on Lordi! It starts early, you know.

What I love about the song is the beat. It’s a catchy song with lyrics that sticks to you, pretty typical early 2000’s (somewhat 90’s) popmusic, and believe it or not, I still think that 90’s pop is one of the best things out there. Of course, nothing beats the 80’s in anything, the pop in the 90’s were good.

Anyway, this song was played A LOT at home when I was young, and I remember how we’d even make up stupid danceroutines to the song as well, haha. Still to this day I do actually listen to it, or well, ALL my “Absolute Kidz” records, since the once that I have really have some good material on them. So there you have it people, this is my chilldhood served on a plate.

// Sara

Day 28 – A song that makes you feel inspired and creative

Posted in 30 Day Song Challenge, Uncategorized on November 10, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

I walked around in my house for a bit and thought abuot this and came to the conclusion that a song that makes me feel inspired and creative are good music. It varies from time to time what songs inspire me the most, like, nowadays for instance I always put on Amaranthe for good study music, but I guess this is the one song that has been on the top list for the longest.

Intuition” by Norwegian rockband TNT. TNT is one of the first bands of my “discovery era” back in 2007 that I really stuck with. Most bands I found, listened to a bit but never stuck. Then there’s this band. And this song. I remember, it was a friend on MySpace who posted the video and I was hooked immediatley.

I think most of you who read has probably seen me mentioning this song over and over again, if it’s not on blog or my facebook feed it’s in my magazine and what not, because that is essentially how important this song became to me. It became my spiritanimal, and I don’t even understand why or how. Perhaps it’s the lyrics “Intuition, one decision” that just makes, it I don’t know. But this is definitely the song I put on when I need encouragement.

// Sara

Day 27 – A song that you wish you could play

Posted in 30 Day Song Challenge, Uncategorized on November 7, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

Easy. Just yesterday I talked to a friend about how much I wish I knew how to play this song.

Den Vilda(Wilderness Mistress) by swedish pop/ethnic-duo One More Time.  This was actually our selection for Eurovision Song Contest in 1996, and if I remember correctly, we scored a third place with this song. Well deserved, this is really one of the best ethnic swedish songs we have, in my opinion. What captures me the most, is the lyrics. I can see an entire screen-play before my eyes when I close them and listen to this song, and I would love to sometime in the future actually make some short film or dance routine to embody the song. But yes. This song. If anyone have a notesheet for this song, please give it to me…

// Sara

Day 26 – A song that you can play on an instrument

Posted in 30 Day Song Challenge, Uncategorized on October 29, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

I didn’t even need to write an intro for this one. It was waaay too easy. I play two instruments the least – The flute, and I do fingerplay on the piano. I have yet to learn chords, haha. BUT – when playing the piano I always find myself going back to this song “The Bells of Notre Dame” from The Hunchback of Notre Dame released in 1996. Written by Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz, performed here by Mikael Grahn (Clopin), Stefan Ljungqvist (Frollo), Håkan Hagegård(Archdeacon) and Monica Forsberg(Quasi’s mother), plus a few more.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is one of my favorite Disney movies, which should come as no surprise to you. A large part of why I love it so much is the music. Alan Menken is my personal GOD when it comes to compositions, and this is no exception. That’s literally the only thing I wished for Frozen – that it had been Menken who composed the music.

But yes. A song I can, and repeatedly play on the piano as well as the flute is this one.

// Sara

Day 25 – An acoustic song you love

Posted in 30 Day Song Challenge, Uncategorized on October 28, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

Oh oh oh!

The acoustic version of “Amaranthine” by swedish metalband Amaranthe. Here’s the deal. I’ve found myself listening more and more to this version of the song lately, and I think there are many reasons why. While I do love the arrangements in the original version, I just LOVE this scaled down version where you hear their voices work a lot more. And also… can we talk about Andy’s clean voice? When he doesn’t scream? He got that kind of Ich Troje vibe going on, and guess what.

If there is any voice, beside Jason Ritter’s, that I’m weak for in this world, it’s Ich Troje. The… harshness, or how to say it… I can’t even tell you. I remember I almost flipped around when I heard it in “Amaranthine”. Jesus Christ. Now THAT’S a voice like no other. Mhm.

// Sara

Day 24 – A song that you want to play at your funeral

Posted in 30 Day Song Challenge, Uncategorized on October 25, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

Oh wow… I’ve never given it too much thought, in all honesty. But a song that I do know I’ve said to people, you know, quickly, that I’d use would be this one:

Days Gone By” by american rockgroup Slaughter. I love this song, beyond everything really, I can’t tell you enough. So I guess it might feel a bit odd I’d choose it for my death song, but some how it just fits, you know. When you are dead and gone the days has gone by… I don’t know. Can’t explain. But yes, this is the song I’d love for them all to hear while they are there. But you know, this might change. Haven’t given it too much thought, like I said…

// Sara

Day 23 – A song that you want to play at your wedding

Posted in 30 Day Song Challenge, Uncategorized on October 21, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

Haha, this one, unlike many others were simple as hell. I know exactly what song I want to play at my wedding.

Hearts of Iron” by Sabaton. I had a specific idea of what I want for my wedding – if I ever have one, that is, but I won’t write it out here. Call me selfish if you want, but it’s such a bulletproof and perfect plan I don’t really want anyone to snitch it from me. Is it possible someone comes up with the same idea? Absolutely, but yeah, doesn’t matter. I wasn’t even gonna talk about that.

“Hearts of Iron”. As I’ve said before – songs to dance to, is a lot more about finding the rythm in the song rather than what genre it is. And this one works just fine. I love the song, and in a weird way, maybe it’s my weird view on relationships – even though these songs are about war, I still associate the lyrics with how a relationship works, at times. In my belief, you should only get married to someone you can truly see yourself with for the rest of your lives  – meaning you’ve overcome all the differencies, and you’ve learned to live with them and all that – thus “On the other shore, it’s the end of the war” – meaning, we’re there. You know.

Maybe I’m the only one who see it this way, maybe not. I could elaborate on it some day, but not right now. I need to study for audio engineering exam next week. On the same day as I have my globalization exam. On the same day I leave for Lordi.

Wish me luck people.

Day 22 – A song that you listen to when you’re sad

Posted in 30 Day Song Challenge, Uncategorized on October 18, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

This one was easy, almost too easy. I have one specific song I always turn to, and how perfect that this would be the song challenge to follow up my previous entry.

“Hand on Heart” by  british singer Olly Murs. Interestingly enough, this track was released on his “Right Place, Right Time” album that came out in 2012.

This song never fails to cheer me up, and it has done so ever since I got this album about a year ago. It’s specifically the bridge later on in the song, “when you don’t feel that you’re strong enough to make it…” part… it just…. I don’t know how to explain it properly, but it kinda just speaks to me you know. It gets to me, and it cheers me up, in consoles me. Whenever I’m stressed out or sad or whatever, I always put this, this one song on. Which is why I always carry an Olly record or at least this song with me wherever I go, in case I need it, or anyone else for that matter.

This is also one of the reasons I have this particular CD in my logo of this blog. So, thanks for everything, Olly.

// Sara

Day 21 – A song that you listen to when you’re happy

Posted in 30 Day Song Challenge, Uncategorized on October 16, 2014 by Sara Hammerzmith

This one was a bit tricky on the same time as it was easy. It was tricky, because I never really pay attention to what songs I lisen to when I’m happy, since there aren’t exactly a “need” to remember what song it was, like with a song when you’re sad which can be good to bring up again if you need to be cheered up. However, I did find one that I love to listen to when I’m high on life.

United in a Scream” by nowegian rockband Return. The song was released on their third album “Straight Down the Line” back in 1989.

This is one of those songs I just absolutely love. It has this amazing feel-good vibe to it, and the lyrics are pretty… common, I guess, they are pretty much what I’d expect in a song like this. The song instantly makes me think of festivals, of camping, of concerts, of summer and of happiness. Because festivals = happiness. There is not greater place than festivals, let me just say that.

Fun, or perhaps sad thing, about this is that I discovered this band pretty recently, only earlier this year actually. While at Skogsröjet, I was sitting with my Sweden Rock bag from 2012 and looking through the bands talking with Ludvig, Albin and Michelle about the bands, when I noticed the little “Return” being mentioned on one of the lines.


Apparently I did. And this is why I have now promised myself to never ever again not listen through every band that comes to a festival I’m going to, so I don’t do the same mistake again. Damn it.

// Sara