Ahh! The early christmas continues! However, this is the last delivery in some time, so all the fun is over now! Today I recieved the last missing piece in my SlipKnot CD collection: “Iowa”! Ahh. It was good to see it.

iowaa 008

Got the 10th Anniversary version, the fat one. It’s pretty much the size of “The Grey Chapter” and “All Hope is Gone” together. The bigger the better, or what was it they said? Haha.

I’m sorry for the uninspired entries latley – I’ve been busy with my globalization and audio engineerings exams, and they pretty much eat up all my time nowadays. Gladly, the AE one is tomorrow, and I plan to wrap up the last globalization one this weekend, and everything should be back to business again this weekend!

In the meantime; dear followers, tell me: Which is your favorite SlipKnot record?

// Sara

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