Day 28 – A song that makes you feel inspired and creative

I walked around in my house for a bit and thought abuot this and came to the conclusion that a song that makes me feel inspired and creative are good music. It varies from time to time what songs inspire me the most, like, nowadays for instance I always put on Amaranthe for good study music, but I guess this is the one song that has been on the top list for the longest.

Intuition” by Norwegian rockband TNT. TNT is one of the first bands of my “discovery era” back in 2007 that I really stuck with. Most bands I found, listened to a bit but never stuck. Then there’s this band. And this song. I remember, it was a friend on MySpace who posted the video and I was hooked immediatley.

I think most of you who read has probably seen me mentioning this song over and over again, if it’s not on blog or my facebook feed it’s in my magazine and what not, because that is essentially how important this song became to me. It became my spiritanimal, and I don’t even understand why or how. Perhaps it’s the lyrics “Intuition, one decision” that just makes, it I don’t know. But this is definitely the song I put on when I need encouragement.

// Sara

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