Hell’s Kitchen Box – Lordi



After months of waiting (I preordered this thing in September) and some more waiting, and trying, and hoping, and lost patience and a few angermanagements lessons later, the box is finally here! AT LAST! See, I was working this morning at a store, and on the way home I got the text message I could pick it up at the post office, so naturally that’s the first things I do.

scareforce 015

God, the anticipation when opening this was beyond what anyone could believe. I had been a little anxious about this one, since it had only said “Scare Force One CD” on the order, and not the fanbox. But it was all in vain, obviously, as this couldn’t possibly be anything but the fanbox!

scareforce 032

THIS WAS THE CONTENT PEOPLE. And yes – When I saw that the limited edition of “Zombilation” was available as well I could not miss the oppurtunity! So, that leaves only Scarchives being the missing piece in my collection.

So.. the fanbox. Where do I begin! First of all, the box is fucking amazing. It’s basically a lunchbox, with all these details on all the sides! The box alone is so beautiful I might cry. Maybe it’s the long waiting and all, but damn.

But then… when opening the box… The first thing I came across was the sheet with Hella’c Cupcakes. YUM! I’m going to try to bake them as soon as possible, and then I’ll tell you what I thought.

scareforce 054

The second thing was the apron. And MY GOD PEOPLES. This apron is so much more beautiful in real life than it was on the picture! Love it. It will sure as hell be used A LOT!


The next thing in the box was the CD. And you know, I was a little bummed it being a digipack, since I prefer jewelcase above anything, BUT. This one intrigued me. It wasn’t made out of the papery thing other digipacks are made it, but rather some hard plastics. I’ve been sitting for hours just caressing it and being fascinated with it. Way to go!

merlordi 004

Beneath the CD awaited the poster. It was perhaps a little bit smaller than I had expected it to be, HOWEVER – I did not see the double side thing coming! Really like the fact we got like two posters in one.

merlordi 021 merlordi 022

And after that, one of the thing I was most excited for, was the illustrated lyrics! It’s basically a comic book that illustrates all the lyrics as their own stories. I sat for a good hour or so going through the whole thing, and I LOVED IT! So worth it.

merlordi 024 merlordi 025

The last thing in the box is the certificate of Authencity, which much to my joy turned out to be not just aplain certificate, but also more like a postcard of Lordi. Nice.

merlordi 027merlordi 026

Overall, I’m beyond satisfied with this box. I do really think we got a lot of good things for that little money, and I’ve even found myself going back and forth the whole day toying with it.

scareforce 069

My Lordishelf feels somewhat more complete now. Ahh.

Welcome home, Hell’s Kitchen Box.

// Sara

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