Alright, so this past weekend I’ve had my small moments of shuffling through bands on Spotify, and I came across this little band.

(Source: metal-archives.com)

They were called Dionysus, and were a Swedish/German band formed in 1999 by drummer Ronny Milianowicz, who left the band in 2007 and succeeded by Johannes Berg before the band, much to my dismay, disbanded in 2008. This is literally the second time I find a band I like that turns out to have disbanded. WHY.

Anyway. The band released three albums during it’s time – debutalbum “Signs of Truth” in 2002, followed by “Anima Mundi” (2004) and “Fairytales and Reality” (2006). They also released a compilationalbum in 2008. Apparently, this band worked fairly close to HammerFall – seeing Joacim Cans co-wrote a song or two on their albums, and Ronny did some backing vocals on “Legacy of Kings”.

What really got me into them is their EPIC music. I mean, basically – take HammerFall, but add some of the magic from Amaranthe you got Dionysus. Big chanting chorus, loud keyboards and epic lyrics makes this band just perfect, or perhaps, Epic. That’s really the best word to describe them. Judge yourself below!

// Sara


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