Tomorrow is an extremely exciting day. SlipKnot will release their new video for “The Devil in I” and on the same time, the tickets for Steel Panthers shows next year are being released. There are so many great things coming my way lately, and I guess it’s true what they say – whoever waits, gets it. Not sure if that is the proper saying in English, but regardless.

For anyone who cares, I’ll be attending the Steel Panther gig in Oslo, Norway. Reason? Many. One would be that Oslo is actually the closest city. But more importantly, they managed to put their one Swedish date RIGHT on the same day as Katy Perry is playing in Stockholm. And I’m SO going to see Katy Perry I’m telling you, and yes, I have tickets already. So it’s gonna be Oslo the day before for some Steel Panther and then jump on the bus and go straight to Stockholm for Katy Perry. What a nice weekend it will be.

But aside that, while having “The Nexus” blasting, I took the oppurtunity today to do something I’ve planned for a while: to get my speakers for my vinylplayer set up. My dad wanted to put them in the Lordishelf, and before it was turned into a Lordishelf, it was impossible to put in anything else there because of the junk there prior to the Lordi thing. So I squeezed in all the Lordi stuff on the one side, and then I squeezed the junk together and finally got my speakers in. I can’t wait until I can finally use my vinylplayer.

lordaan 004

I’m proud over how I squeezed everything together. It’s a total of 15 Lordishirts piled there, and I’m glad I could make room for all the new merchandise that’s coming our way….

// Sara

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