The Negative One

Later last night, after I posted my entry already, SlipKnot released a full shot of the new masks/line up.

(Photo property of SlipKnot)

First of all, I realize with this picture that the bassplayer and the drummers masks aren’t at all as identical as I thought they were. They are alike indeed, but not the exact same. I still stand by that the masks looks like a cross-over between Paul’s Iowa mask and Kalmas (Lordi), but I also feel that the drummers are somewhat in a far distance… resembles Joey’s? It hits me just now as I write this, that it’s almost like corpse versions of the respective members masks?

Or perhaps I’m just going waaay out of line here and overthinking things, but yes. It intrigues me, and I guess it’ll be all much clearer when we get more shots, and perhaps more individual shots (AND WHO EVEN ARE THESE PEOPLE? SLIPKNOT FOR GODS SAKE)

I don’t really know what to add more to what I wrote yesterday more than that I think Sid is absolutely adorable. I’m not sure if it’s the mask or if I just see him move around before my eyes, but seriously, him as a human being are just absolutely adorable. But you know – like someone commented on Facebook: “Screw the masks – Look at Root’s beard!”

Yes. I think we should all just embrace the power of the beard that stands strong with #4.

// Sara


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