Sabaton Open Air: Carolus Show

I already linked to DT, but I’m just gonna post the Youtube video right here. The whole Carolus Show from Sabaton Open Air, for you to watch! This is the show I talked about a few days ago. Ahhh. This is epicness. Epicness.


// Sara

3 Responses to “Sabaton Open Air: Carolus Show”

  1. No doubt that Sabaton is a great live band BUT somehow I’m a little “disappointed” in this performance..
    – I think the sound is kinda crappy (or the fans are just bored, what I don’t think)
    – I miss the tank on stage
    – There are really no other songs beside the ones from “Carolus Rex”; don’t get me wrong, I love that album! It’s only that I’m not such a big fan of the Swedish versions.. + I don’t go to see a show where only songs from one album are played

    But still I think that the idea with those Caroleans on stage is just freaking awesome! ❤
    And I can imagine that this show must be something really special to Swedes – So, I'm glad that you were able to see this 🙂

    • I can explain the last thing to you!

      For Rockstad Falun they always do special gigs, not just the avg Sabaton gig and this year, the first part of the show was to do the whole Carolus Album in Swedish, and this is what is filmed. However, there is a second part of this show, that wasn’t filmed, where they play a lot other material, like premiering “Night Witches” live and such.

      This is similar to when they started Rockstad 6 years ago, and they first played The Art of War in it’s whole (I was there!) and after that they played a few other songs. They didn’t record the second part, as that was “only” so to put it, for the fans that was there. It’s been announced the whole time that they were gonna do this, so this was no surprise to the people there 🙂

      These are the songs played after the stream ended:
      Night Witches (First time live)
      To Hell and Back
      Soldier of 3 Armies
      Resist and Bite
      Primo Victoria

      Encore 2:
      Ghost Division
      Swedish Pagans
      Metal Crüe

      And it’s all cool! I do think I love this album and era so much solely because I’m Swedish myself, and it’s all cool not to like it. However, I have people that would go to the show live and then when I express that I wished I had been there, they be like “ah, it wasn’t that great”. Well, that isn’t exactly your thing to say as you don’t care for the era you know 😀 Stupid people, if you ask!

      • Ah okay, that makes a lot of sense then!
        Woah, they played “Night Witches”? I fucking love that song and would have loved to see that too! 😮

        It’s really too bad that they didn’t stream the second part of the show too.. 😦
        All of this just drives me nuts – Why do I have to wait until February to see them?

        I absolutely understand that you love it and that’s perfectly alright with me. Those people are really just stupid!
        They simply don’t have this special connection with that band then, or they simply don’t understand why it’s so special to some fans.

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