Day 12 – a song from a band you hate

Hahaha. I must admit, I did chuckle a little when I saw this. Oh. This oughta be fun.

I’m not ever sure if I would want to go there. To say that I hate a band. However, there is a band I dislike very very much, mostly for their actions, but also because I in the end don’t like their music. I haven’t made a specific choice of song, this is literally just the first thing that pops up when I search for them on Spotify, and the song can be found here. I won’t link the video right up.

For those of you who will click the link, I think you’ll not be very surprised to find that particular band there. However, I want to stress, that I don’t wanna go the distance to say that I hate this band. I don’t like them, though. With that said – I do wanna pay respect to Brockie, may he rest in peace.

I think it’s harsh, always, to say that you hate a band. I come across people all the time who hates bands – they hate Sabaton because they have become too commercial, they hate Lordi because they are not “scary” enough, they hate HammerFall because they are powermetal, they hate Crashdiet because they continued without Dave, yada yada yada. Like, really?

Aren’t hate a very strong word? I mean – I can understand people might be a bit surprised, and perhaps angry Crashdiet continued on without Dave. But HATING them for it? Isn’t that harsh? And Sabaton being too commerical? Isn’t it good that they’ve gotten the success they have gotten, after all?

I’m not sure what to make of these people, in all honesty. Dislike bands all you want, but there is no need to spew hate over them to their fans. Like this one guy that was into me once and tried to impress me by saying Lordi was the most overrated band in the world, and saying this while sitting next to my wall with Lordi posters.

Sorry dude, not gonna work.

// Sara

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