I Walked with a Zombie

Today has been quite interesting, in an unusual way! Toady me and Emelie got in the car and drove “all” the way to Örebro / Frövi to go trailriding on Icelandic horses.

The stable was the cutest ever, and we were greeted by the riding teacher. It was a fairly small stable, and the horses were the best. I got to ride a brown gelding called Frodi and Emelie got a dark gelding called Merkur. We were actually the only ones there for the ride, which I’m really glad for. We went on this two hour trailride that were all over the places, in the forest, over the streets, over the fields.

And it was beyond soothing. We tolted most of the time, you know that extra walk icelandic horses has?, and as soon as we hit the fields we just let the horses explode into the fastest canter I have ever ridden beneath us over the fields. It was all soothing and liberating in a way, like therapy. The horses was the most amazing as well, never before have I met horses who are so unafraid and reliable as these ones.

After the amazing ride we went to Subway to catch a bite before heading home. And for me, that meant heading over to our stable for yet another ridingsession. I had Donna, and as I was already very sore from riding for two hours earlier, I was a little glad we had a jumpclass today. I don’t really jump that much with horses, so most of the time I’d just sit and watch the others.

Now, my legs and arms are like jelly and my knee is a little squashed. But it was all worth it.

Thanks Emelie for sharing this experience with me!

// Sara

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