Skogsröjet part 4: The departure

So the last day had come. The day for us to head home to wherever we came from. When we woke up I expected it to be really wet outside, but I was happily surprised to see it wasn’t! Of course, my chair was drenched, but that’s a minor thing. We set up the table and the sound-system for one last time, for one last breakfast at the amazing and cozy grounds that is Skogsröjet. We talked about the festival, about Lordi, about the festival, about Lordi… yeah you know. The normal things.

Röjet2014 153

After this it was time to start packing down and go home. Packing down was fairly easy, and after two rounds we had gotten everything to the car. Now, the trickiness started.

As you might remember, our car was stuffed UP TO HERE with stuff when we traveled down, but we figured that if we re-packed everything, we should be able to get everything down into one bag each, and I managed pretty well. So instead of one large bag and two Disney Princess-bags, I ended up with one bag. And instead of a million bags, Michelle ended up with two. What a relief.

Of course, this didn’t help the boys too much sadly. Once they had gotten in we started to pack things on top of them. But you know, at least they survived! I was told Ludvig couldn’t exactly see anything, but you know. The only thing he missed out on was the returns of the dinosaurs, so no big deal.

Röjet2014 156Röjet2014 154Röjet2014 157Röjet2014 160Röjet2014 162

After reaching our destination and saying good bye to the boys for this time, we headed on further to Katrineholm for Michelle to catch her train. We also took the opportunity to take an early dinner in the shape of pizza from Prima Vera Pizzeria, I wanna give a HUGE shout-out to them as they were so generous giving us soda and salad for free. We sat down in the central park of the city and had dinner and recorded a podcast. We knocked over our colas a couple of time and had good laughs all in all.

After a while we even laid down and fell asleep for a short moment, and this is the first time I have ever slept under bare sky in the middle of the day! But it was also well needed. I was dead tired after this festival, and I think that little nap re-powered me a lot. We also came across these funny looking ostriches, or a statue of ostriches. What on earth. We were probably very tired.

Röjet2014 165Röjet2014 166Röjet2014 171

I said good bye to Michelle later and headed for a short drive home. Saddest drive ever. And when I hit Karlstad, I was greeted with thunder, rain and lightning. First time I’ve ever seen lighting in real life!

This festival was so epic. I wanna thank everybody involved – Ludvig, Albin, Michelle, Renata, Sofia, Johanna, Joiz, Izabelle and Angelina for making the festival what it was. Of course, I wanna aim a big thank you to the amazing bands as well – Alestorm, Steel Panther, Hardcore Superstar, Dream Evil, AVATAR, PAIN, Michael Monroe and more. And of course, the amazing people who work at the festival. Thank you!

Thank you all. See you next time!

// Sara

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