Skogsröjet part 3: Day 2, Saturday!

So! The day had come! We went to this festival mostly because of Steel Panther (and Fatal Smile, but we all know how that worked out...) so we were beyond excited! But not only for the sake of Steel Panther, but because fellow monstermaniacs and metalheads Ludvig and Albin were going to join in! Unlike yesterday, Saturday morning was very hot so we found ourselves taking “showers” with the cold water we had preserved in 2L cola bottles. That was cold as fuck, and we squealed a lot, but it was also veeeery nice to cool down.

Röjet2014 093

Around 1pm I went to the bathroom and made it just in time to pick up Ludvig and Albin that had been driven to Skogsröjet by Ludvigs dad. It was so nice to see Ludvig again,and also to meet Albin! I brought them back to our camp where they made themselves at home and we sat down and talked a lot of Lordi. It’s so nice to catch up with monstermaniacs, I tell you.

It was soon time for Crashdiet, so we started to slowly move towards the area,but not before we had headed to the car to lock up some valuable stuff, when Ludvig stops, right next to the schoolyard and looks at us.

“Hey guys… ain’t that Satchel doing the double dutch?”

And it was. It was fucking Satchel doing double dutch on the schoolyard. We were all tempted to say something, but we figured we’d leave him alone and went to the car. But when we came back, he was still there, so Michelle took the opportunity to yell “HEY! Satchel! LOOKING GOOD!” Haha, he laughed a little and gave us the horns. I wonder how much he hated us.

Anyway, when entering the area we noticed Steel Panther HAD in fact added a signing session,which was AWESOME. And I hate myself for this. I had planned to bring some Steel Panther stuff just in case, but forgot it. Damn it damn it damn it.

Anyway. We headed directly for Crashdiets stage and waited for them. Last year, they cancelled their show so it was basically up to proof if they’d show up or not. Gladly, they did!

The gig was good. It was good seeing them again, it’s been so quiet in the Crashdiet camp lately. I must also add, Simon has gotten quite a dashing style! The setlist was pretty predictable though. “Cocaine Cowboys”, “Drinking without You”, “Riot in Everyone”, “Breaking The Chainz”, “Generation Wild” and so on. But I’m very glad they played “Damaged Kid”, my fave song off “The Savage Playground”.


Fun story: When we were standing there watching Crashdiet, something or someone came out behind us. We heard people whispering and we were like what, what are you all going on about. So we turned around. And A WILD MICHAEL FUCKING STARR + STIX ZADINIA APPEARS! Like. WHAT. What the hell you know. Apparently they are Crashdiet fans? Haha, it was fun anyway. Second time it happens.

After Crashdiet we picked up some early food and prepared to get in line for Steel Panther signing session. We watched Dregen a bit on a distance and once we were all finished with our dinner, we headed for the line. We were not first in line, but pretty far ahead. Eventually, the band showed up and we all collected our items (for me, Ludde and Albin it was the Skogsröjet program, and for Michelle the poster).

The first thing that happened when I came to the table was Michael raising from his seat to bend over to hug and kiss(?!) me and asking me how I was doing. Sweet man. Brings me back to Gothenburg in 2012. Stix asked me how I was doing and Satchel asked me to keep close eyes on Albin so he wouldn’t get into trouble. Until we seattled that maybe I was the one getting in troubled and he asked me to brofist that. Lexxi shook our hands and told us he was glad we came.

The meeting is about 30 seconds long you know, but this little can do so much. And before people go apeshit. Yes. I know we are not any special to the band. But it’s still nice.

After the session we headed over the car to lock up our newest signed items and then back for Michael Monroe, partly because I really wanted to see him, partly because Steel Panther was going on after him.

Michael Monroe delivered an energetic set as usual. You can NEVER be disappointed when you see this man, because, regardless if you like his music or not, him as a frontman will get to you, and get to you hard. I love this man.


Fun story: When we stood there during Michael Monroe we felt a few people pushing onwards and coming up alongside us jumping around and all. After a quick glance we realized we had ended up next to Peter London and Simon Cruz + entourage. Hahaha. Second time in a day, it’s like we attract rockstars. Well, I guess we could have gotten worse concertpartners, they were just as into it as we were.

Steel Panther. We headed for the first open spot we could find, that so fittingly happened to be right next to my long friend Renata from the UK! After all these years it was great meeting her. And where else, than at the Panther gig? Ok,truth to be told, we had met earlier by the bathrooms, but yeah. Reunited at Panther! Where else!


Anyway. After a while the gig started and it was a good gig. the pressure was intense, and UNNECESSARY. I can deal with pressure, but thats so fun about pressuring so much you can’t jump or anything? People! Get some manners! The crowd sucked too. The crowd wasn’t even close to the crowd we had in Oslo and London, and this kinda ties back with what I said earlier about Alestorm, and that some groups, even amongst metalheads, are more dedicated than others. I guess some subgenres just don’t wanna show their passion, haha. (Fanthers are great, though)

The gig was good, but not great. The band had fantastic energy, but the setlist was beyond boring. It was the same old thing over again and they forgot about “Tomorrow Night” and “The Burden of Being Wonderful”, for some reason.


After Steel Panther we rushed over to buy some ice-cream, you know, one last ice-cream and ran over to watch Hardcore Superstar wrap up the festival. Again we decided to get rid of some energy and I don’t think we were still at any point, except from when a guy who plays in Supercharger came to talk to us (Rockstar moment n. 3, here we go!). We also made sure to have a little and small jenka train to “Last Call For Alcohol”. Only four people in it, but damn, at least we did!

Hardcore Superstar are the perfect headliners for this festival. They are perfect for wrapping this festival up with all the love they shed over people. “We don’t Celebrate Sundays” echoed in the forest, and as the sound died out, so did we leave the festival ground too for the last time this festival.

Röjet2014 149

Just as we had gotten to bed, it started to rain and the thunder came around us. I guess even Heaven cried over the fact the festival was over.


// Sara

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