Day 10 – A song that makes you fall asleep and feel relaxed

Ok. There are waaaay too many songs that I do this with, and normally I get relaxed after waiting for a little while, BUT. I’ll bring up one song right here.


Rainmaker” by Danish singer Emmelie de Forest. Most people may remember her because of her winning Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with “Only Teardrops”, a song I DO love, but not at all, not even remotely close, to how much I love the theme for Eurovision 2014, which is the song posted above, “Rainmaker”.

It’s a bit contradictory to say this is the song that helps me fall asleep, as this song ALSO is a song that makes me dance silly raindances, but, when I DO lay down to go to bed or whatever, this is usually the song to turn to. It’s a sweet tune with some amazing vocal arrangements, percussionwork and most importantly – rain. There is nothing in this world that is as soothing and the sound of rain drops.

So basically. “Rainmaker”. Both a song to dance to, but also a soothing song to help you relax. Or at least it does for me.

// Sara

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