Meet The Creeper

I so forgot to tell you! Yesterday I got my very first Rob Zombie record. As soon as next months paycheck runs in, I’ll probably make sure to get the whole discography. But, that’s for the future.

amadeusrobzombie 036

All today has been about preparing Skogsröjet. Of course, shiny new Zombie was playing the background. First preparations was really you know, recycling shitloads of bottles. That’s pretty much paying our gas, you know. And after that… packing clothes and checking for necessities. I plan to make a shopraid tomorrow, to get all necessities such as handtowels and stuff. And of course, preparing the iPod, pack… clothes.

amadeusrobzombie 031

Been washing clothes like CRAZY today, to make sure everything I take with me is clean and all. That’s the hardest part I think, trying to plan and figure out what clothes to wear, and to make sure they are clean and what not. I don’t really care anymore for bringing all your closet like I did a lot before, less is more, in a weird way. I think I’ve managed to narrow it down, so I’m happy.

Just a few more things, and then we will be on our way.

At last.

// Sara

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