Just Like Tiger Woods

I had my first day off in what feels like forever today. Even though this night started a bit shaky, as I had to walk home with thunder lighting up the sky from work last night. See, I’m not scared of thunder, and I think it’s quite cozy with thunder and rain. But when those lightnings starts to appear, I really prefer to be inside you know. Oh well. I’ve spent most of my day today preparing for Skogsröjet.

We leave on Thursday, and unlike pretty much all my festivals EVER, I want to be prepared. Which I won’t be, but you know, I could always wish. I’m so stoked for this festival as of now. I can’t wait to go there, to Rejmyre, sit down in our camp and just fucking chill. And then catching bands like Steel Panther, Michael Monroe and Dream Evil. I can’t flippin wait.

Another thing I’m stoked about, is Sabaton at the end of August. On my way home from work this Friday I came across a poster and I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before.

My newest discovery when it comes to powermetal, Amaranthe, are gonna be the opener of the gig in Karlstad, alongside Disneyland After Dark.

I LITERALLY DIED ON THE INSIDE. I was just wondering when I’d ever get around to catch Amaranthe live, and it appears it’s gonna be sooner than I thought it would! As if I wasn’t stoked enough for the Sabaton gig. Now I know the night will be incredible.

blabla 022

// Sara

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