Day 07 – A song that reminds you of a certain event

Alright, I had to sit down for a small moment and think a bit, and perhaps this isn’t as much of an “event”, but I still want to bring it up right here and now.



Alright, so this is “Fat Girl” by one of my favorite bands, Steel Panther. Why this song?

Well, there was this one thing that happened in Denmark in 2012. Michelle and I were doing our thing, travelling from Oslo in Norway to Copenhagen in Denmark to catch Steel Panther live for the 2nd time on the tour, the day after each other. We had no place to stay or anything, so naturally, after we landed the first thing we did was to head to McDonalds to eat, and then to the arena, Amager Bio.

We came pretty early, and the tourbus was already there and everything, but we were first in line. After a little while, we decided to listen to some music. And what music to listen to prior to a Panther gig? Panther music, of course. So there we were, enjoying some Panthermusic and particularly, “Fat Girl”. I was trying to tell Michelle something, which she didn’t hear, so she decided to pause the music, and did so right before the verse began.

What happens? WELL. Turns out MICHAEL STARR, MICHAEL FUCKING STARR, was behind us, and just as we stopped, he continued singing the verse. And ended with a “That’s a GREAT SONG!” and giving us thumbs up before continuing. Both me and Michelle went pretty much ASHLDASJDLAJDLAJS.

Like, guys, come on. How. Often. Does. This. Happen? Not often, NOT EVER.

Later the same night, Michael caught up with us again after the show and thanked us for waiting in line for so long and that they really appreciated that we would do this for them.

And this, my friends, is one of the many reasons I love this band.

// Sara

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