Not Gonna Get Us

Okay, So I’m going to talk a little bit about mash-ups. You know, when you take one song and mash it up with another one and you sort of get a new song? Sometimes it’s shit, sometimes, it’s fucking incredible. I came across one today that I just like… I don’t know man.

As you probably know, I’m not a Justin Bieber fan. His music isn’t exactly what gets me going you know. But I came across a mash-up of his song “Baby” and SlipKnot’s “Psychosocial”, made many years ago obviously, but still. And I’m not sure if I’m gonna laugh or cry at the fact that I like. Like,  A LOT. The music of Justin Bieber mashed with the singing and lyrics of SlipKnot. Not only is it pretty damn great, it also fits amazingly. It’s almost like they had it planned. I understand it’s been edited to fit, but still. IT FITS.


The next one is a mash-up Thomas linked me, which is a mash-up with one of my long-time favorite songs “All About Us” by t.A.t.U and Rammsteins “Wo Bist Du?”. Again, it’s an amazingly composed mash up. It just, again, fits so perfectly. It’s basically like someone took the best of two worlds and mashed it together. God, I can’t believe it. This needs to happen more often, I’m telling you.



Enjoy people!

// Sara

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