Private Hell

You know. In three weeks from now, Michelle and I will have landed at Skogsröjet, sat up our tents and probably talking loads of crap about bands and music and whatnot. And listening to music. And record stuff. And have a great time. I need to remember to sit down and listen through all the artists to make sure I’m not missing out on anything I’d want to see.

I’m looking forward going back to Skogsröjet. This will be the fourth year in a row I’m attending the festival, and it’s grown to become one of my favorite festivals, and so far, it’s also the one festival I’ve been most consistent in going to. I think I’ll keep that a tradition. To always go to it. As far as it’s possible, of course. But we’re gonna keep it that way, right? Of course we are.

Last year we had Lordi playing. I still can’t wrap my head around that. It’s too surreal. And this year, we have Steel Panther. My two BIG favebands the years after each other. And Crashdiet. And Alestorm. Dream Evil. Michael Monroe.

BUT NO DAMN FATAL SMILE. You should hear how loud and how OFTEN Michelle and I actually rage about this. Fatal Smile was really one of the bands we really, REALLY looked forward to see. But NOPE. That just couldn’t happen. Damn.

Oh well.

Now, bed time before work. Cheers!

// Sara

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