Day 06 – A song that reminds you of somewhere

This one had me thinking for a little while, as I knew this had to be a Lordi song. I’ve had many great moments with my monstermaniacs, and this is the song that makes me think of it.

Hulking Dynamo” by Lordi. Lordi needs no further introduction to anyone reading my blog, but yeah. This is a song that Michelle and I blasted on our way home from Skogsröjet.

Skogsröjet marks many things. It was the first time in four years, FOUR YEARS, Lordi was back in Sweden for a gig, something we’ve been waiting for for ages. This was also the first time we got to interview Mr Lordi, something that had been postponed since February actually, when he was planned to do a promo-visit to Sweden, which never happened. Gladly, we were offered to do it at Röjet instead, and so we did! The interview itself turned out amazing.

But the most amazing part about Skogsröjet wasn’t the gig or the interview. It was to be gathered with all the Swedish monstermaniacs that are still active today, queueing all day, and most importantly. Amazingly enough ALL OF US had managed to win the meet&greet contest, so not only did we hang out together, watch the gig together, no, we even got to meet the band together!

It was one of the best nights of my life, as it always are when it comes to Lordi. But this one, along Lichtenfels are the best ones, ever.

Photocredits for the picuters below goes to myself, Paula, Hanna and Ludvig.


Thanks all you guys. Michelle,Ludvig, Hanna, Paula, Mr L, Hella, OX and Mana. And of course, Skogsröjet.

// Sara

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