Just Like Paradise

Today has been a pretty long day. First I went from my first job almost directly to the training for my second job which I’ll start on Monday. Started off bad, with me tripping over injuring my hand. Perfect for tonights work, or not. I’m a bit worried how it will go when I’ll start working on my own on Monday, but whatever happens happens. And I need the money, so I don’t care.

That’s the thing. A lot of people always are like “you are so lucky who can go and see the bands you like all the time and you have it so easy”. Well fuck you, I don’t. The reason I can do this, is because I pick up ANY job possible. I tell you – anything. I’ve worked in stables, with gardening, with buildingsmaintainance, at nightclubs, handing out flyers, inventory, more inventory, building a lot of stores, working in stores, handing out advertisments, mailman, phonesurveys – and the list goes on.

It doesn’t really matter where I work, as long as the money keeps coming in. There are a bunch of other ways to get money as well, and to keep this track rolling, but I’ll tell you more about that some other time. But it would be cool to tell you all the truth about how we can pull all of this off. And you end, all the fucking whining about how “easy” we have it, as if we were rich or something. LoL.

When we were at Vaanta airport heading for our flight home, I could literally point at places and tell Michelle “Argo and I shared this bench when we were doing a 24er!” or “Anthalerero and I slept on this bench together in 2011”, and the list goes on. Fancy shit, right? Didn’t think so. So shush.

Anyway, that’s me raging away, and I figured I could do a more proper blog entry about it some other time. Because today has been a good day, ‘cept from the incident this morning. I cleared out my whole Lordishelf, and I plan on redecorating the whole thing, or perhaps even move it somewhere else.

But holy shit. When I cleared it out and put up all the shirts on my chair… I didn’t realize how much Lordi shirts I have. And I have four(!!) more on the way coming. And I also noticed not all of my shirts are in the shelf. I don’t even want to think about much money I have actually spent on Lordi but you know… They are worth it. They are damn worth it.

However, I think my shelf might be too small. Question is just where I’ll put it all…

paradiso 002

paradiso 005

All of the shirts that were present in the shelf is piled on the back. You cant see on the pic, but damn. It’s thick shit. And then I have the two Kita face and logo shirt stapled to my wall. And whatnot. Jesus. Time to upgrade the tiny little shelf. Or giving it a 2nd one. Not sure yet.

// Sara


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