Cool Vibes

Today has been a complete utter mess. I mean, we came home from Finland earlier this morning, and I realized that I’ll start my 2nd job already tonight, meaning, I’m about to get two hours of sleep or so before heading there. Gladly, the job itself isn’t too hard, and it’s only for about  two hours, and then I can get back home and get back to sleep…

Michelle and I tried to calculate everything earlier tonight. We have decided to get a bank-book of sorts, in order to keep track of who paid what and who owes what to who. I tell you people, maths isn’t my strongest thing.. We sat for a good while trying to figure out how the hell we were supposed to do this, until I had to call my mum and ask her to come help out. Gladly, it all sorted out and now we are all happy pandas ordering stuff off Rokkikauppa. Because you can never get enough Lordi merchandise, amirite?

jl 001

// Sara

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