I Believe We Can

Having an alternate instrumental version of this lovely song on through my “Summer Belongs To You” DVD. I love it.

But either way. For once, in a VERY long time I figured I’d treat myself a little with playing The Sims. However, playing The Sims 3 sorts of bore me out right now. I have lots in the game I got yet to discover, but somehow…. no.

Thing is, I longed pretty much to play The Sims 1, or how to put it, but the CD wouldn’t install. But gladly, I have gotten over a Double Deluxe. This was rather exciting, as I never had Double Deluxe or Deluxe Edition before (believe it or not!) And it WOULD install that one, so gladly, I could play The Sims 1 again! (The computer I originally hold it on is temporarily dead)

And, you know, the first thing I love with The Sims 1, is that it takes basically as long time to install ALL expansion packs as it takes to start The Sims 3. Hallelujah! But the trick is to remember what order to install them. Normally one would install them chronological, The Sims, Livin’ It Up, House Party, Hot Date, On Holiday, Unleashed, Superstar, Makin’ Magic, however, this is a big no no. You should in fact install Unleashed before House Party and the rest. And why?

This is something that occurred to me a long time ago. When I was a new simmer, about 11 years ago, Unleashed was the first expansion pack I got (apart from Living it Up that we already had) so naturally, this was the first one to be installed. After a while, I achieved the rest of them, but that doesn’t matter. The point is, I had to re-install The Sims (quite often, for some reason) and once I got the brilliant idea I’d install them in order. Said and done. Then I went in, made a family, got them a dog and then threw them away to my favorite hotel, the big beach hotel I can’t recall the name of at the moment, only to realize one thing.

There was NO food or room or anything for the dog! But, what the hell? I recall there have ALWAYS BEEN! So I had to return home immediately  quite disappointed. And as I went DownTown, I noticed there were no shop for Pet supplies. Which it had ALWAYS been.

And that’s when I remembered, or rather  figured out. Obviously, these stores and rooms only existed due to the fact Unleashed was installed before them! So I immediately re-installed the whole thing putting Unleashed first to make sure I wouldn’t do the same mistake.

But now, about yeah, 8 years later perhaps, I find myself almost doing the same mistake. I was sitting here to myself thinking hard “remember what order, remember what order!” and the first thing I do is to install On Holiday first. And then I remembered I should have put Unleashed before. And The Sims 1 is evil that way, you can’t install ONE expansion pack but only the whole thing. And despite it not taking very long, I can’t say I wanted to redo it. But then again, I could just go into the hotels and put in dogfood, it’s not worse than that.

Wow. This entry about installing The Sims became longer than I expected. I think I’ll save the rest of the entry for tomorrow, just to have something to write about.

See you!

NP: I Believe We Can (Instrumental) – Phineas&Ferb

// Sara

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