The Sims Mania

I promised you yesterday I was to finish what I started, so here it goes. Basically, after installing the whole thing, in the wrong order, I finally got to play it. And the first thing that happens is that it offers me a lesson in how to play. Kinda brings me back to the days when I all excited played this game for the very very first time, like, 11 years ago. I declined the offer though, I love Robert’s family, but I just wanted to revive the sim I got stuck in my computer upstairs.

Or well, not actually reviving her, because she is stuck there. I think her name was Rose Hale, but I ain’t sure. The Sims 1 doesn’t have the “Rose Hale” rule, you see. Either way, my new sim was NOT to be called Rose either, I gave her the last name Flynn but for some unknown reason named her Vanessa. Vanessa Flynn. Vanessa Fletcher would’ve made more sense, but I think I was about to do Candace initially.


The first thing I noticed though, as someone who never played Double Deluxe nor Deluxe Edition, were greeted with an awesome set of new clothes! I was like a little child on Christmas  you know. In The Sims 1 I have my favorite clothes and I usually stick to them, but for the first time in many years I found myself looking through each and every piece of clothing until I decided on a new piece, a black dress with this mesh thing going on over her shoulders. Head was the usual one though.

Sadly, I got no pictures yet to show, sorry for that, I’ll get that as soon as possible! Either way, I immediately moved her into that house in the corner, down on the map (the Unleashed map). It’s a small house, but I fancy it. Quite a lot. Not my favorite, but I’m not sure if I have a specific favorite. I got her a job in showbiz, because I love working with them there, and of course made her a magician. I always make my The Sims 1 sims magicians, not sure why.

But despite this, there was something sentimental opening this game. Like, when I made the character. I knew exactly what head I wanted, I looked it through just to see if there were any new, but settled with her. I did change my clothing pattern, but when I was to move her into a house…

I know every single square of every single house. I looked over them all. The white house across the street from Robert’s family, the blue house across from Claire’s. The mansion on top of the hill, and the hillbilly houses down the corner, next to Elden’s family (mind you, these are the Swedish name so they may vary from yours). Or the fancy, but small houses up northwest. It wasn’t particularly hard choosing a house, as like I said. Every single square. I just know it by heart.

And when I had moved her in, there was no doubt what magazine to put up, what job to get, which furniture to get or what part of StudioTown to go to. It’s just… I just got it you know. And I believe this isn’t something you just “learn”. Of course you can learn. I have learned most of the parts of Cullen neighborhood in The Sims 3, but I don’t know it like I do with The Sims 1.

Because The Sims 1, as well as The Sims 2, are in my heart. It may sound ridiculous to hold a game close to your heart, but I guess these sims somewhat becomes your viral friends. It’s a brand new reality that you just dive into. And this game doesn’t even have an end, or at least not in the same way many other games has. I often play Hercules video game  but that game ends. Once you’ve defeated Hades, it’s over. And you can only restart from the beginning, the same beginning on Phil’s Island.

But not with The Sims. Sure, your sims will eventually die. But you can’t start over. You can never start over, because, no matter how you try, the next family or perhaps story, can never be the same as the previous one. Never. You can do all you want to make it look alike, but it won’t know the same sims. It won’t learn as fast as the other, it won’t have the same interests.

And this, is probably why I unconditionally stuck to it all these years. Video and computer games has come and gone, Hercules, Spyro, Space Chase, Journalist… but I never compromised with The Sims. It has always been there. And it will always be.

Because, this is not just a game.  This is love. It’s in ones heart, and it has become a lifestyle.

// Sara

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