You snuck your way right into my heart…

So I haven’t been blogging for a while, and it takes quite a lot to write it down. I’m still sort of stuck between two dimension, I haven’t quite gathered what actually happened the last days, especially since it feels like you live in two completely different dimensions, one where you are at home, riding, going to school, work, whatnot and then you go to the second dimension and everything you ever built up is just ruined by one simple look from them.

I put up barriers, to shield my emotions,
A wall that you could never break apart,

But like a ninja of love, rappelling down from above
You snuck your way right into my heart

Either way, what can you say. The gigs were great, they always are. Sure, some may be a bit weak depending on what songs are played and which aren’t, but you never walk out of an arena  without smiling like an idiot, or at least have stomach ache after laughing like an idiot. And bruises, of course. Bruises on place you didn’t know exist.

After the incident in Denmark, we figured we’d wait them out this time too, or at least M to thank him for everything he’s ever done for us. So when he finally got out in Stockholm and we got to thank him for everything, it was kind of surreal, you didn’t understand what was going on. And I didn’t even realize until we were back on the hotel that shit, we just met Michael Fucking Starr. Again. Is this happening?

But then… no words for what happened in Gothenburg. We were lucky enough to actually acquire some new friends down there, and together with some of them we waited out the band after the show again. After a while they showed up, I mean, they kinda have to, so they can get to the bus. But what they DO NOT have to do is to interact with us fans.

But they do. M was first out, and he just left off his luggage and came over to us. And there he was. Talking to us. Signing stuff. Taking pictures. He even gave us pizza. I mean, what is that all about? “Anyone wants Pizza?” Oh my god. There are a lot more things going on after this, but I won’t take it up here, because it will only cause drama, and for now, I won’t deal with that shit. I’m still stuck in the in-between dimension. Of course, we met S, S and L too, and once again, some of that stuff I’m just not gonna bring up right now.

I, and my platypus, we know that this treatment, or how to put it, is nothing extraordinary. They most likely did it with fans the night before, and they have probably done it with tons of fans now the days after. Perhaps not what was going on between me and M, but I can’t see how it could be the first nor the last time either.

We know this ain’t anything special, but it’s special to us. Because, even if they did this to a million others, they also chose to do it with us. They could have walked away from us, but they chose not to. They chose to stay by us, and talk, and interact, and be with us. I loved before, but after now…

… they truly snuck their way right into my heart.

// Sara

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