Phinedroids and Ferbots

I got some sad news today, and because of that I’m going to talk about Phineas&Ferb for the whole entry just to clear my mind, and also, Where’s Perry is airing this weekend, so yes, Phineas and Ferb it is!

I oftently get the question when, how and WHY I got into Phineas & Ferb. I figured I’m gonna cover that subject right away.

Yesterday, when there was no Phineas&Ferb going on, I decided that for once turn over to watch Channel 5, that I usually watch, to check out “The Middle”, which have been a favorite show of mine for a year or two now, and the episode to be aired at this point was actually the very episode who is the cause for my love for Phineas&Ferb.

You see, it’s the episode “The Year Of The Hecks”, when they give each other new years-resolution instead of choosing their own. Sue gets the resolution “Stop trying out for teams” (She always tries out for any team that comes her away, and has so far either failed every try out or very quickly been thrown out after making them) and as she sees this from a positive point of view, she starts her own team, a cheerteam for the wrestlers. She gets the green light from the wrestlercoach, has a try out for about four persons and decides later that evening that they all make the team.


So, here comes the thing. When she tells them the good news and says they have to practice immediatley, the girl on the left states that she “Follows Phineas & Ferb” and “never misses it“. The girl on the right also “Likes Phineas and Ferb” and they bond that way. Later in the episode, Sue is shushed away by the girl on the left because “Phineas and Ferb is on!” Though she joins Sue for the cheer anyway later, but that’s another story.

Thing is, I had also lately seen “Phineas & Ferb” trending on Twitter, and even if I pushed the trend and looked at the tweets I never really got what the hell it was and didn’t think about it until it was mentioned in The Middle, and I was more like “Ok, that the hell is that?”

But I sort of forgot about it for another few months. Until the day I was bored and went off to see if we had Disney Channel on our cable. And we did. The first show I ever saw was actually “Fairly Odd Parents”. This may be the reason I still hold F.O.D pretty close at heart. Either way, while looking through the list of shows, I noticed that Phineas and Ferb was coming up, and by that recalling what had been said in “The Middle” and on Twitter, and I pretty much thought to myself “Alright. Lets see what the fuss is all about, bring it on Bitches!”

I can’t recall what was the first episode I ever saw, but I’m somewhat certain that it was either “Mispercieved Monotreme” or “Perry Lays An Egg” (something in my gut tells me it’s the latter one, but I’m not sure) since it was an episode were Candace got blamed for what the boys had done, and I recalled it upset me. I didn’t get why she got busted for it.

But to be honest, I wasn’t amazed. After the intro to the series I was pretty much like “what the hell…” and after the episode I was even more like “What the hell did I just watch”. But, there was ONE thing in the show I had fallen for. One thing that caught my attention.

Perry The Platypus.


I had no clue what, or who he was, I just remember I found him, in his stage of a mindless animal, being super-duper cute. And because of him, I kept watching the show. And after a while, I was sold. This was GREAT. I just needed to understand what the hell was going on.

And nowadays, I rather not go a day without watching it. And if I ever give up the episode “The Chronicles of Meap” for you, you better know I fucking love you.

Wow, I really liked talking about this. Tomorrow I’ll cover favorite episodes and maybe characters, depending on how long it gets.

// Sara

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