Best Lazy Day Ever

I was thinking about an appropriate title for todays entry, and the Phineas&Ferb episode “Best Lazy Day Ever” came to mind, because that’s what it’s been.

I was up almost all night finishing the task I told you about, and because of it, I may actually have to get a Snow White statue, even if I don’t particularly like her. Because she saved my life. Sort of. Pretty little woman, that Snowy…

Either way, even if I slept quite long, it hasn’t been ALL that lazy. I studied a bit, because I got into this period when I really find it fun to study. Not sure if I told you, but a while ago I got a new laptop, Aurora. However, as she was already installed falsely, we had to turn her in to get re-installed. I already miss my babygirl.

But, apart from that, what I have done today is to start to make my place less messy, and the first thing I did was to put up all the records onto my desk instead of having them spread in various piles on the floor. As I did so, I also put up my “hanger” CD’s on their hanger. And that, my friend, must be one of the best inventions ever.

I got this thing in Pollux many many years ago. Basically, what you do is that you put those hangers onto the small holes that the records got, and then you can just hang them. I love it to bits to be honest, it’s… fancy. It’s both handy and a decoration. Love it. And considering the piles on the side… it’s really time for me to sort them into their places soon…


But not now, not today. Now I’m gonna pour myself a big glass of soda, pour a bowl of candy and play computer games until my heart stops beating (Considering how insane Atlantis is, that will happen soon.)

See you later!

NP: Move Over – Chrissy Steele

// Sara

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