Cloaca of Miracles

Mine and Michelles first parody song, we’ve finally gotten into production with it.

And yes, that is essentially all I’ve been doing today. Or not entirely, I went to the bank but after that I’ve actually been working on the song. My parents were out of the house, and so was my brother, so I figured I’d take the oppurtunity to actuallysing it in. I don’t really like to sing whenever they are home, and also, not having them at home makes me able to yell and have as loud mucis as I wanted. So then I just… began the recording.

Censorship was needed

So I did around 27 takes before I was somewhat satsified with what I had accomplished. I’m not really a singer, and also, this is a parody song on Hunchback and Steel Panther (in case no one gets it later on) so it’s not supposed to be top notch, but there is also a limit on how bad it can be. Once that was done, I sat down to chose which of the different takes were the best, and sorted it out to make the editing a bit easier.

Once done.. I was just sitting down for a while going where the hell am I supposed to edit this shit together? Then I remembered. During mine and Michelles hairtearing search for a decent karaokeversion, I had managed to get over a demoversion of an audioediting program, AVS Audioediter… and it was like heaven to work with! I’m so pleased I’ll probably go buy this shit.

Either way, once I gotten this far.. the rage hade no end. It’s probably just me, but there is nothing I am more inpatient with than editing. I used three lines to begin with, one for my vocals, one for karaoke and one for the actual song to make sure everything fits in correctly and on the right places (especially around ‘Justice is swift…’ and ‘Now that’ we’ve seen all the evidence…’) I figured I was done, and I muted the original track to listen through… only to realize… The program itself had cut off the first words in “We have a method…” and “Any last words…” (yes, I put the original lyrics here not to spoil the song, uhuh) So I had to start over, placing it all over the place. Eventually, I managed to get shit together.

So now, eight hours later, I’m finally done mixing my vocals with the karaoke. Now I just need to mix in Michelles too, and then we are done. Then we’ll be working on a video, somehow. Now I shall continue my raging with Michelle, so good night!

// Sara

One Response to “Cloaca of Miracles”

  1. Sv: Men ellerhur!!! Det är samma med att folk blir så förvånade att jag tycker så mycket om att dansa till just sån här musik med, varför är det så konstigt egentligen?
    Och jag håller med dig, inget är väl mer “true” än att man faktiskt är tillräckligt mogen eller vad man ska kalla det för att upptäcka mer musik? Tack Sara! ❤

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